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We had an excess of cucumbers in our greenhouse this year so we needed a recipe to use them.




2       Tablespoons of butter

¼      Cup of minced spring onions

1½    Cups of unpeeled but seeded cucumber

⅓      Cup of potatoes, diced and peeled

1       Pint of chicken or vegetable stock

½      Cup of fresh watercress leaves

½      Cup of whipping or heavy cream

Sea salt and white pepper to taste





(1)     Sauté the spring onions in butter until soft.

(2)     Add the cucumbers, potatoes and stock

(3)     Cook over low heat for at least 12 minutes until potatoes start to soften

(4)     Add the watercress and cook for a few more minutes

(5)     Season to taste and purée in a food processor until smooth

(6)     Allow to cool then add the cream

(7)     Chill the soup thoroughly and serve in chilled bowls with a little sprinkle of chives over the top


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