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INGREDIENTS  (To make 22 servings )


2        Cups of granulated sugar

2        Cups of fresh lemon juice

1        750ml bottle of dry white wine

1        750ml bottle of champagne

2        Large bottles of soda water

¼       Cup of orange liqueur

1        Pineapple quartered and grated




(1)      In a large punch bowl combine the sugar, lemon juice, white wine, champagne, soda water liqueur and grated pineapple

(2)      Mix together well

(3)      Put in a large block of ice

(3)      Garnish with additional pineapple, fresh mint leaves and other fresh fruits as available, such as strawberries

(4)      Chill the mixture thoroughly and serve in small glasses decorated with a further sprig of mint and a cocktail umbrella


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