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INGREDIENTS  (To make approximately 4 servings)


½       Pint of fresh milk

1½     Pints of Chicken Stock

1½     Pounds of peeled and sliced potatoes

1        Pound of sliced onions

1        Sprig of Thyme (To taste)

1        Whole Clove

Salt and pepper to taste






(1)      Add the peeled potatoes and the sliced onion to the pot with the water, thyme and the whole clove

(2)      Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for about an hour

(3)      Remove the remains of the sprig of Thyme and the clove

(3)      Rub the mixture through a sieve (Alternatively liquidise the mixture in a blender)

(4)      Stir in the milk, salt and pepper

(5)      Heat through gently, without boiling, and serve with garlic croutons and a dash of cream


Hearty, warming, simple and dead cheap


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