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2      Honeydews melons

1      Fresh pineapple

1      Pound of seedless green grapes

¼     Cup of clear honey

½     Cup of medium white wine

2      Tablespoons of fresh lime juice

1      Teaspoon of  finely chopped mint (Optional to taste)






(1)     Cut the pineapple into cubes

(2)     Cut the melons into halves and remove the seeds

(3)     Cut the melon into balls or cubes (reserving one melon shell)

(4)     Sort through the grapes, removing the stems and any bruised ones

(5)     Combine fruits in large bowl

(6)     Combine the remaining ingredients, except the mint, and pour over fruit

(7)     Gently stir

(8)     Marinate for several hours

(9)     Just before serving, take the melon shell from the refrigerator, take a thin slice from bottom, so it will stand, pour fruit into shell to serve


Serve with fresh whipped cream, sprinkled with the chopped mint


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